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Gon Out, Bizy, Back Son.

For the last few months I've had whooping cough.  Whooping sounds like it should be fun, but it turns out it's rather crap.  Anyway. I've not finished a book in nearly three months due to tiredness and lack of concentration.  This is TERRIBLE.  Obviously, this means a distinct lack of reviews.  While I am now back at work, I'm also only JUST back to reading and it's a surprisingly slow process.  Therefore, for the first time in nearly five years, The Mountains of Instead will be out of action until March 2015.  I have lots of brilliant books to read and review and Polka Dot Steph and Cannonball Jones are also still avid contributors but for the moment we'll be lost in the depths of radio silence.  Please don't forget about us and we'll see you in the spring.  


Oh no! Feel better soon. I'll be here waiting for your healthy return.
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