The Mountains of Instead

Championing fiction as an escape from pandemics, politics and bad TV.

Numquam Periit Amor (Review: Fever by Dee Schulman)

Fever Dee Shulman Razorbill 2012
London, 2012 – Eva has just been expelled out of the umpteenth school she has attended and is wondering what her future holds.Literally too clever for her own good, she’s never been a good fit for conventional schooling and finds it hard to identify with kids her own a…

A Weapon The Size of Her Heart (Review: Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver)

Pandemonium Lauren Oliver Hodder and Staughton 2012
Pandemonium is the second book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy.If you have not read Delirium, the first book, then this review will contain spoilers.You can find a review of Delirium here.
After the life-changing events of Delirium, Lena Haloway …

Everybody's Got The Fever (Review: Fever by L. DeStefano)

Fever Lauren DeStefano Harper Collins 2012
Rhine is free.  Having escaped the candy-cane prison of her husband and sister wives she is back in the world with the oh-so-trusting Gabriel right by her side.  Yet Rhine had become used to her prison of softness and holograms and Gabriel cannot remember any…
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