The Mountains of Instead

Championing fiction as an escape from pandemics, politics and bad TV.

Teenage Dirtbag, Baby? (Review: Sex and Violence by Carrie Mesrobian)

Sex and Violence Carrie Mesrobian Carolrhoda Books 2013
Evan has spent the last few years moving from school to school and girl to girl.He doesn’t think much about his peripatetic life, nor his emotionless relationships until both end him at the wrong end of a violent assault.His hitherto distant fath…

Everything You Wanted, Everything You Don't (Review: How to Love by Katie Cotugno)

How to Love Katie Cotugno Quercus 2013
Reena loved Sawyer for a long, long time.She loved him from afar, never believing he’d ever think of her the same way, especially when he took up with her best friend, Allie.But then he does and then Allie is gone and after a while so is Sawyer, leaving behind Re…
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