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I'm on my Knees, Looking for the Answer (review of Fragments by Dan Wells)

Fragments Dan Wells Harper Collins 2013
Fragments is the second book in Dan Well's Partials Sequence.  This review contains spoilers for the first book FROM THE FIRST SENTENCE.  You have been warned.
Having returned victorious from her sojourn to the world of Partials, Kira is being hailed as a loc…

Neil Gaiman, Writer Genius.

I've been a fan of Neil Gaiman for a long, long time.  I first came across him in my mid-teens, when a copy of Good Omens was pressed into my hands.  I'd long since discovered, Terry Pratchett, the co-writer of this gloriously apocalyptic tale of a young anti-Christ, but Gaiman was a myster…

Shadows Hold Their Breath (Review: The Gathering Dark by Leigh Bardugo

The Gathering Dark/Shadow and Bone Leigh Bardugo Indigo 2012

Alina Starkov has never been anything special.An orphan among many orphans, and a fairly unattractive one at that, the only thing she’s ever really had going for her is her friendship with Mal, a fellow orphan who is the light to Alina’s dar…

Human Voices (Review: The Fault in our Stars by John Green)

The Fault in our Stars
John Green
Penguin 2013 (UK P/back)

Hazel Grace is dying. She’s been dying for quite a while from the cancerous tumours submerging her tired lungs and she is quietly resigned to the end of her personal story. This doesn’t stop her from getting a bit depressed (an understandable …

Not With a Bang, With a Whimper (Review: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller)

The Dog Stars
Peter Heller
Knopf 2012

Where do you imagine yourself after the fall of civilisation? Are you a Mad Max, simply fighting for your own survival in a world gone feral? Or are you the lone scientist trying desperately to reverse whatever grim fate befell your fellow man? Do you batten down …

Never Gonna Give You Up... (Review: Last to Die; Tess Gerritsen)

Last to Die Tess Gerritsen Random House 2012
Three families, three homes, three massacres, three survivors – no connection.  Or so it seems until the three survivors have to survive again. All three are children and all three find themselves alone in the world and deposited at strange boarding school/…

Two Roads (Review: The Indigo Spell; Richelle Mead)

The Indigo Spell Richelle Mead Razorbill 2013
The Indigo Spell is the third in Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series.  If you haven’t read the first two books then this review will contain. You have been warned.
Life for Sydney Sage isn’t getting any easier.  In charge of the protection of Jill Dragomir, s…
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