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Just....Wow (Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go by P. Ness)

The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Walker Books 2008

“Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentisstown.  But Prentisstown isn't like other towns. Everyone can hear everyone else's thoughts in a constant, overwhelming, never-ending Noise. There is no privacy. There are no secrets. 
Or are the…

Fangy fun (Review: My Love Lies Bleeding/Hearts at Stake by A. Harvey).

My Love Lies Bleeding
Alyxandra Harvey
Bloomsbury 2010

“The Drakes are rather different to your usual neighbours. They are vampires and some of the members of the family date back to the twelfth century. One of the children, Solange, is the only born female vampire known and, as such, she poses a dire…

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is a meme created and hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren with inspiration from Alea at Pop Culture Junkie.  It basically give book bloggers everywhere the opportunity to share what books they have received/bought/librarised (yes, I just made up that word and I don't care) ov…

Team Zombie? P'raps not (Review: Generation Dead by D. Waters)

Generation Dead
Daniel Waters
Simon and Schuster 2008

"All over the country, a strange phenomenon is occuring. Some teenagers who die aren't staying dead. Termed "living impaired" or "differently biotic," they are doing their best to fit into a society that doesn't w…

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (Review: Beautiful Creatures by M. Stohl and K. Garcia)

Beautiful Creatures
M Stohl and K Garcia
Penguin 2010

"Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she’s struggling to conceal her power and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps, and crumb…

YA Community Thanksgiving.

Adele at Persnickety Snark wrote a great post today talking
about the many things that she's thankful for within the YA blogging
community and I really wanted to contribute something.

As you can see, I only started my blog this week, but have been a lurker on dozens of book blogs for a while.  …

Two roads diverged... (Review: If I Stay by G. Forman)

If I Stay
Gayle Forman
Doubleday 2009

"In a single moment everything changes.  Seventeen-year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow-wet Oregon road with her family.  Then, in a blink, she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the w…

This looks AWESOME!

Check out this trailer for Rick Riordan's new book (click on post title to be redirected).  Gobbled up the Percy Jackson series just recently, so really pleased he's got something else out so soon.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep... (Review: Shiver by M. Stiefvater)

Shiver Maggie Stiefvater
Scholastic 2009

"For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house.  One yellow-eyed wolf - her wolf - is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without.  Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives:  In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the p…