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Best of the (EIB)Fest 2013

Here at the Mountains of Instead, we aim to spread our unashamed love of all things book-y to the far reaching corners of the internet. So if any of our gallant readers plan to head to the Scottish capital to sample the wonderful goings on at this time of year, here are the MOI team’s pick of this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival.  For more information on any of the events listed below (and many more) you can go here.

Matt Haig and Kevin Maher
17:00 Sunday 18th August

Matt and Kevin discuss their respective successes with The Humans and The Fields and deliberate why exactly a combination of laughter and tears in equal measure seems to make for a sure fire hit. If Matt Haig’s Facebook going’s on are anything to go by, we can expect self-deprecating humour and frank, honest chat.

Beyond Boundaries: The Growth of Teen Fiction
17:00 Tuesday 20th August

Image of Sita Brahmachari

Here at MOI we do love our Young Adult and it seems that the rest of the world is beginning to feel the same. But what exactly has caused this shift, how much scope does the YA world provide and can we expect it’s current level of success to continue? Authors Sita Brachmachari, Tayna Byrne and Keith Grey sit down to discuss this newly successful genre and why they love it.

Utterly Uncompromising
Tuesday 20 August 17.00

It is no secret that we are big fans of Cat Clarke here at Mountains of Instead. Her contemporary novels speak to teens in a way that isn't dressed down or tarted up but rather searingly real. Here she is joined by the equally talented and equally insightful Tanya Byrne.

Where Have All the Brave Girls Gone?
17:00 Sunday 22nd August

Kate Mosse, John Marsden and Samantha Shannon debate the ever-changing role of female leads in literature throughout the ages. From the Bronte sisters to the rise of Young Adult female heroines, our band of authors will explore why the brave girls seem to be trumped by the boys more and more.

Horror and Weirdness, a Scottish Peculiarity
11:30 Monday 26th August

book cover of 


book cover of 

Saints of the Shadow Bible

Margaret Atwood explores the Scottish psyche and what, exactly, lets it create such fantastic horror and mystery with Valerie Martin and Ian Rankin.

Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman
16:30 Monday 26th August

Undoubtedly one of the biggest events of the festival this year, 2 of the leading voices in the world of literature discuss their successes, their inspirations, their plans for the future and just about everything else you could want to hear from such a prominent pairing.

If you can’t make it to sunny Edinburgh this year, you can follow all things book fest on Facebook (Edinburgh international book festival), twitter (@edbookfest) and here at the Mountains of Instead where the lovely Polka Dot Steph will be the woman at the front, reporting back here with her thoughts and insights.


I'll be at that last event, and I'll be on a panel with Sara Grant that day at 6 pm! Maybe I'll see you?!
No, but my roving reporter will be... Booo! I have a wee idea though and will email you forthwith x
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