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A Short Hiatus Before Ed Book Fest 2013!

As you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet here on The Mountains of Instead over the last few weeks.  This is largely due to the fact that my daughter is in the middle of her last summer holiday before starting school and I'm keen to spend some quality time with her.  Additionally, I'm trying to get on with some of my own writing and also appear to have some quality books that require reading.  Therefore, I'm taking a leaf out of Andrew's book.  Andy blogs over at The Pewter Wolf and recently took a month of radio silence in which he didn't blog and just read whatever he wanted.  I liked this idea.  A lot.  I love blogging but the pressure to be constantly reading or reviewing can be immense.  This does NOT mean that this is the end - merely a month of breathing space.  Both readers and publicists should be assured that all the books read during this month off will be reviewed when we return and that's not the only thing as we'll be back on 10th August this year with a bang:

We are delighted to have been approached by the Edinburgh Book Festival to promote the many exciting events that they have going on this year.  The Book Festival is a favourite of all of us here on The Mountains of Instead and we are delighted to be actively involved with the 2013 programme.  There are lots of great YA authors in attendance this year and that will be our main focus with reviews and discussions on each author appearing almost every day during the festival.  Polka Dot Steph will be our woman on the ground, although I'll be joining her to swan around and drink wine while flashing my press credentials.  Er, I mean, to talk meaningfully about literature.  We hope that you'll join us at least online but  also in person if you happen to also be swanning.  Until then au revoir and enjoy the heat wave!
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