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All Hallow's Read, All Month Long

October is upon us - the month of all things unquiet, undead and generally bump-in-the-nightish.  We like to recognise such things here in The Mountains of Instead and, as such, will be spending the next few weeks celebrating screams, scares and - most importantly - suggesting books suitable for All Hallow's Read.  What is this, I hear you ask?  Well, I'll let the idea's brainchild explain it to you himself:

Isn't it a great idea?  All Hallow's Read is a few years old now, so perhaps some of you have already shared your favourite scary books but if not, why not start in 2012?  You can find more about it all here and pick up some awesome images like the one we've used here.  Everyone has a spooky story that has haunted them, right?  From M.R. James to Stephen King, to Gaiman himself there are plenty tales of terror out there but if you're having difficulty choosing then please stop by this month and find out what we're suggesting in The Mountains of Instead.

Happy Sharing, Happy Haunting and Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said…
Haha - the website has a PDF of Neil's recommended books and House Of Leaves is right there :)
Of COURSE it is, it being the scariest of scary books. Also, that makes us cool. Fact.
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