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British Books Challenge 2011

As a UK blogger, I often feel that I should be reading more British books.  It's all to easy, particularly when reading a lot of YA to find myself reading mainly American titles and I don't think that I'm alone in this. In fact, I know I'm not and am excited that the lovely Becky at The Bookette has founded the 2011 British Books Challenge.  

For those of you who have taken part in The Story Siren's Debut Authors challenge, this one is similar with the idea being that participants read (hopefully) 12 British titles over the course of the year.  These can be new, old or out of print - as long as they are by UK authors. Becky has also gotten several UK publishers on board who will be providing goodies for monthly prize packs. You can find more about the challenge here.

I'm still looking into UK releases for next year but have drawn up a rough list for now. I particularly like the fact that I can mix up new titles with those that I've been planning to read for a while:

Iron Witch - Karen Mahoney
A Year Without Autumn - Liz Kessler
Time Riders - Alex Scarrow
0.4 - Mike Lancaster
The Set Up - Sophie Mackenzie
The Recruit - Robert Muchamore
Wereworld - Curtis Jobling
Small Blue Thing - S.C. Ransom

Also, you don't need to be from the UK to sign up for this challenge. Thanks to The Book Depository it's just as easy to get British books on their release date as it is for us to get American titles. Yay for free postage and international syncing! 


Nomes said…
this is cool.

i'd love to hear a lot more about British authors - i don't know much about the YA scene over there?

Robert Muchamore is brilliant! I love his books!

Unknown said…
Time Riders is brilliant! I love it. So glad that it has found its way on to your British Books Challenge list. Thank you so much for taking part and best of luck with the challenge. P.S. you are definitely not alone in the reading of so many American books. I really hope we can give some well deserved attention in the Blogosphere to some great British authors.
Lauren said…
I'm doing this too, and I agree about it all too easy to focus on American books as a blogger. As a Brit I try to mix it up a bit with some UK and Australian authors but it's nice to do something official.

I hadn't heard of Small Blue Thing until this week but I'm liking the sound of it a lot. (And the possible Suzanne Vega reference.)
Anonymous said…
Hi, I loved your blog! specially the pastel effect with the type writer font. I also loved the content specially when i was in need of reading a blog about UK YA writers. I seriously need to fill myself up with fiction from young adult writers from UK with stories based in UK. I too am an adult who discovered too late in life the guilty pleasure of escaping the real monotonous and arduous adult world. Guilty it may be but I am still strapped and willing to carry on with the adventure - better late than never! However now I would like to change my course from the land of Columbus towards the Land of high-tea, kilts, Nessie, fish & chips, of colcannon, boxty & barmbrack!! I would love to follow your blog but I am yet not a member of Google friend. How else do I follow your blog? and yes Congratulations to you for creating a fantastic "Mountains of Instead" Cheers!
Splendibird said…
@anonymous Thanks for your lovely comment. You on the left hand sidebar of the blog you should see options to either add this blog feed to a feed reader or to subscribe via email. Happy reading!
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