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FYA Photo-a-Day 11: Fictional Love (a special addition for Shona and the YAckers)

Sebastian Scott from the Sadler's Wells series by Lorna Hill

A long time ago, back when the Mountains of Instead were mere hillocks, I wrote a post about the attractiveness of men who play music. I listed my favourites, or at least the ones that would have had me swooning as a teen. You can find them here and they are a lovely lot, but number one was Sebastian.  And still is. This is why:

I first read the Sadler's Wells books when I was about nine. I was really into ballet, and that is what they focus on so I was happy (there are also a lot of horses featured, but you can't have everything). Sebastian doesn't appear in all of the books, just the first two where he plays antagonist and love interest to heroine Veronica. Sebastian is smart, wickedly so and is absolutely driven by his music. He cannot live without it, or Veronica, for whom he plays while she dances (usually in some swoony outdoor setting). He is hot – all dark hair, piercing blue eyes, slightly northern accent and long piano-player fingers. He is also a bit of a bad boy – in that he can be a bit cruel, his humour sarcastic and his judgements final. Importantly, he has some issues involving family and being chucked out of his ancestral home. For years he was all I looked for in a boy – it is no coincidence that my first serious boyfriend was an immensely talented, hugely sarcastic, slightly broken piano player. And just as Sebastian informed my choices in men then, I suspect he still does. If further proof be needed, read again that description and then feast your eyes:

It can be NO COINCIDENCE.  Not only is Sebastian the reason that I am no longer a ballet dancer but still a pianist, I have been casting him in ALL THE BOOKS ever since.  The first cut clearly, in this case, is absolutely the deepest.  Sebastian – you got me at an impressionable age, and my heart remains with you....

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