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Flashes - Tim O'Rourke (Tour)

Flashes is the latest book by Tim O'Rourke.  Out this month, it tells the story of Charley, a girl reeling from the death of the best friend.  Not only has she lost a true friend, she has lost one of her only confidants, one of the only people who knew that Charley experiences flashes.  Psychic ones.  After the funeral, Charley's flashes become more intense, focussing on the murder of a teen girl. Combine this with some texts from the afterlife and Charley really isn't having the best week.  Desperate to prevent another death, Charley sets out to investigate, with new (not to mention hot) detective, Tom, hot on her heels.

Intrigued?  You should be!  Below is the book trailer which brilliantly portrays the tense atmosphere surrounding Charley and the terror she is trying to prevent.  We've not had a chance to finish the book here on MOI, but it's pretty thrilling so far!

Flashes is out now in paperback and ebook now.  Thanks to Chicken House for providing us with a copy to review.

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