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Ho Ho Ho! Or, THANK YOU UKYABB Secret Santa

Earlier this year, I signed up for the UKYABB Secret Santa and yesterday my gift arrived.  After a week of unexpectedly defrosted and subsequently broken freezer HELL, it couldn't have come at a better time.  On opening a, quite frankly, ginormous cardboard box, I was met with this:

Which on further inspection revealed this gorgeous detail:

I KNOW!  But it got better, because when I opened it I found all of this:

Isn't that just the nicest bundle of things you ever did see?

It torments me that I do not know who my Secret Santa was, so I offer this as thanks to my own personal Christmas bringer of JOY.  If anyone got a more thoughtful, or more beautifully timed gift I will eat my Santa hat.


Bungle said…
Hi Sya. Only because it seems you want to know I just wanted to say that I was chosen to be your Secret Santa. I'm so please your presents arrived, I was worried they wouldn't reach you in time. It makes me really happy to know you loved your gifts. I hope you love both books :) Have a lovely Christmas. Bungle :)
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