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As many of you may know Splendibird - that would be me (there is no way I can write this entire post talking about myself in the third person, but we are legion here at The Mountains of Instead so best differentiate) - (and by legion, I mean four) has reached the second round of Mira Ink's blogINK competition.

For those unaware, the prize of said contest is a year's contract as Mira Ink's in-house blogger.  Nice, right? Anyway, while round one consisted of writing 500 words, round two was a whole different kettle of fish, involving vlogging.  Despite my complete lack of vlog-smarts, I've given it my all.  In 60 seconds, I had to state my case regarding me as the voice of Mira.  I decided to focus on my unrepentant and often antisocial habit of book-pushing, although I've tarted it up to make it sound worthy.  And it is a BIT worthy, because sometimes my recommendations literally blow minds:

Exhibit 1
Or sometimes they just stop you lying sadly, staring at the ceiling:
Exhibit 2
Anyway... all is not over!  No, I now have to ensure that my vlog gets as many share, comments, re-blogs, re-tweets and likes as is humanly possible.  I need it to appear everywhere.  IN. THE. KNOWN. UNIVERSE.  Or somesuch.

SO HERE IT IS (seriously, it's only a minute long and at the end there is a BOOK FORT.  A book fort IN MY HOUSE)

Please, join Team Splendibird by liking, commenting, re-tweeting, re-blogging, Facebooking and anything-else-you-can-think-of-ing. I cannot promise riches or even chocolate, but I will think fond, fond thoughts.


Unknown said…
You are so cute <3 Well done on the vlog
Jeri said…
Love the video and the fort!

Question: can one build bookshelves out of books, or is that a sign of serious illness?

Good luck!
Kiltreiser said…
@Jeni - Yes, one can indeed and no it is not! Rather it is a sign of unlimited reserves of awesome.
Unknown said…
Well done. Great video-great idea
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