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All Hallow's Read Recommendations

So, today's the day and we certainly hope that you ladies and germs have a day of spooksome fun and certainly one of more treats than tricks.  However, before you sit back and relax into an evening of guising and scary movies ask yourself this:  Have I passed on an All Hallow's Read?  No?  Well get on it and if you are still unsure of what terrifying tale or slice of the darker side of life to pass on then do not fear as below are a list of our recommendations - just click on the image to read our reviews and then pass one on... or at least treat yourself to one tonight!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenDark InsideAshes (Ashes Trilogy #1)

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said…
I love I Hunt Killers, The Diviners, and Miss Peregrine. I definitely need to read Chime- I've heard it's incredible.

Happy Halloween!
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