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One of Laura's Favourite Things

I know, I KNOW, that this feature only shows up sporadically and it's not through lack of contributors.  It's through lack of, er, any sort of organisational skills on my part.  Yet, here we are again - this time joined by the lovely Laura who, as Autumn slides it's chilly fingers into our pockets, brings us a favourite thing that is entirely warm and snuggly.

OK, so it’s not a secret that I have a wee touch of the crazy cat lady in me. I’m not a candidate for hoarders but I’m not a one pet woman either. I can't help but feed strays, I brake for anything fuzzy (and turtles…people who deliberately run over them are GOING to burn in hell) and I can’t walk into an animal shelter without feeling like the world’s biggest schmuck for being unable to give them all a full bowl, a nice warm bed and an empty cardboard box to play in. (It is a truth universally acknowledge that a cardboard box in possession of emptiness must be in want of a cat to sit in it. Try it, put an empty box on the floor and see if it doesn't instantly acquire a cat. I think this might still hold true even if you don't, in fact, have a cat.) So, yeah, I like cats.

I have a particular weakness for orange cats, or sunshine minis as they are referred to in this house. Now cats are typically standoffish creatures, inconsistent in their affection and like to maintain an air of aloofness and disinterest that can rival even the biggest society snob but my cats are complete opposites. I have the clingiest, neediest most codependent cats that will even turn to complete strangers for affection. They want constant LOVE and attention and will go to great lengths to attain it.

BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT. I get so distracted. I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things- not that cats aren't but this is meant to be more specific. One of my most favorite things is the The Cat Pile. I have two cats who are always together and another two that join in from time to time but it's extremely rare to find them all together at the same time. So when I happen to stumble upon the elusive Cat Pile, I'm filled with no end of ridiculous, unconstrained glee. It just so happened that the other day, I captured one:

And there was much rejoicing.

That's it. That's one of my favorite things. I can talk about more if you like. We can talk about the absurd feeling of joy that Pitbull brings me- in a completely nonsexual way....because unless videos make him look much shorter than he really is then he represents the lollipop guild. But I love him so.

Not usually one for cute pictures of cats, this lovely picture along with Laura's typicallly clever and hilarious commentary just brought out all the warm fuzzies.  If you'd like more of what Laura has to offer (in an entirely CLEAN way, people) then check out her excellent blog here. Or take a look at her contribution as a Lady YAcker here.


Kristy said…
Too cute! I want to snuggle the little orange and white one.
Sandy said…
I'm not a huge fan of cats in general but who could resist that pile of cuteness?

And wait, PITBULL? I must know more about this. I never would've suspected Laura of liking him, lol.
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