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YOUR Favourite Things

About a week ago, I sent an email to a few fellow bloggers and blogging friends regarding a new feature I want to start running on The Mountains of Instead.  It's garnered such a great response that I've decided to spread the net for contributors wider - to all of you!  Because you're all awesome.  Fact.

Soooo... every month (at least) I will run a feature entitled My Favourite Things about, er, everyone's favourite things.  I'm looking for posts of about 600-700 words (or more, but no less) about YOUR favourite thing/s.  These things do not need to be YA related, they do not even have to be book related - they just have to be favourites of yours.  Thus far I have posts coming in that range from the pleasure of a scale model of a world wonder to the joy of all things Hunger Games.  Personally, I'll be dropping by occasionally with posts about why I love TS Eliot and The Secret History as well as my favourite walk.

I'd love this to be a feature that could run and run - but for that I need all of YOU to tell me what your favourite things actually are.  If you'd like to contribute, and I hope you do like, then please contact me via the usual channels (Twitter, Facebook or email) and we can take it from there.  Here's to variety, here's to random - here's to favourites!
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