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A few of Splendibird's Favourite Things

Welcome to a series of posts based on many people's favourite things. I'm starting the ball rolling by writing a post myself but in subsequent weeks I have a variety of awesome guest posts from a variety of readers, authors and others who all want to share their favourite things with you.  This week I'm combining three of my favourite things:  books, films and...well...I think the third will become increasingly obvious over the course of the post. Enjoy!

I like to cast books in my head - who doesn't - and have been toying with doing a post filled with my own personal cast members for a while.  Some of the books that I am casting are already being filmed/are successful movies.  I've included them anyway... sometimes using actual cast members, sometimes switching them out for people I prefer or who match my inner-vision (dahl-ling) more accurately.  As you will see, there's a common denominator but I really can't help it if there are certain actors who just fit EVERY role I can think of.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I love this book, I really do.  Now, I know that it's is currently being cast but I just can't bear to think about Jamie Campbell-Pugface as the lovely Jace so have turned my attention to the older members of the cast.

Hodge - Jeremy Irons
This just seems to fit.  He's kind of kindly and grey but also looks like he could kick some ass/totally betray you should he be so inclined.

Valentine - Paul Bettany
Just for the record, I wanted Paul Bettany for Valentine YEARS ago. Way before anyone else. Fact.

Luke - Richard Armitage
Well, he's about the right age and I can see him giving sage advice and wolfing out as necessary.  Also, he's Richard Armitage.  Good point, well made.  By me.

Beautiful Creatures by M Stohl and K Garcia

Another book that is currently being cast, and pretty well cast, but I had so long envisioned Ethan as the following actor that I just had to recast him.  Apologies, other actor who actually got the job.

Ethan - Steven R. McQueen
He's got that laid back, almost surfer dude voice that I think would really suit the character.  Also, he's been getting increasingly handsome on The Vampire Diaries.  Additionally, I can see him being lovely to old ladies which works with The Sisters.  All of whom will be played by Maggie Smith, obviously.

Lena - Alice Englert
This is actually the actress who will be playing Lena in the film and she looks pretty perfect to me with just the right level of fragility.

Macon - Richard Armitage
See that picture?  See the suave-ness?  And the Macon? Exactly.

The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness 

One of my very, very favourite book series I'm still rather wary at the concept of it as a film.  Still, apparantely it is indeed going to be one so I have cast it as follows:

Todd - Skandar Keynes
Sadly, I think young Skandar has retired from acting after the various Narnia films he appeared it.  This is truly a shame as he showed a great deal more actorly potential than his young cast-mates.  He has a mix of immaturity, vulnerability and sheer gumption that sounds just perfect for Todd.

Viola - Kaya Scoledario
I'm aware that Kaya is probably a bit too old to play this role but again she's the closest to the image of Viola I had in my head and I reckon she'd work pretty well with old Skandar.

Mayor Prentiss - Richard Armitage
He can ride a horse and I'm pretty sure he can act suitably evil but he's also a nuanced actor with a great deal of charisma.  All together, now: I AM THE CIRCLE AND THE CIRCLE IS ME.

Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater

James - Zach Gilford
The short hair, easy smile and boy-next door looks make him just perfect for the likable, easy going James.

Nuala - Dianna Agron
I like Dianna Agron and her petite blondness would work really well as Nuala.  I also think that, unlike the majority of the Glee cast, she might actually have some acting chops.

Sullivan - Richard Armitage he would look equally good in a Julliard sweater and a long black coat?

Across The Universe - Beth Revis

Amy - Karen Gillan
She has the hair and the height (I always image Amy as super tall), she's already played an Amy who travels through space so this isn't really a stretch (which is good as she's not necessarily the best actress) and she's quite good at being both wronged, confused and whiny.

Elder - Ethan Peck
Well, really , if you thought I was going to cast movies without casting Ethan Peck then you were sadly mistaken.  I've never seen him act so have no idea what he's like but I can see him  being all confused and driven like Elder.

Orion - Richard Armitage
What????  It's such an obvious choice....

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Taylor - Caitlin Stacey
Firstly, Australian. Secondly, was pretty impressive in Tomorrow, When The War Began and illustrated her ability to portray both toughness and fragility all at the same time.

Jonah - Liam Hemsworth
Firstly, Australian. Secondly, deserves to not be instantly dismissed just because he is Mr. Miley C. Thirdly, am trying to stop disliking him before seeing The Hunger Games in which I would have cast Richard mean...Evil-Thomas-from-Downton-Abbey as Gale (and yes, that is his real name).

The Brigadier - Richard Armitage
Firstly, looks good in uniform. Secondly, is currently shooting The Hobbit in New Zealand which is almost the same as being Australian (this is a JOKE, Australians... don't get so mad). Thirdly, is Richard Armitage.

And that's yer lot. It may seem excessive but I really cannot help it if some performers are versatile enough to appear in all of the above. Really.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about some of my favourite things as much as I have enjoyed writing about them. Drop by next week to read about the specially themed favourite things of awesome author, CJ Skuse and don't be shy about sharing your favourite bits and bobs in the comments or by way of a guest post. I'm off to watch Spooks and North and South.

For no particular reason AT ALL...


Angiegirl said…
Ooh. As the Brigadier! Excellent notion.
Unknown said…
What a brilliant post.
I admit I don't cast people for the roles in the book, I leave it up to my imagination but I do pick songs to go with books :D
Richard Armitage should have a role in every film, play, documentary, youtube video, music video, tv show, commercial, and infomercial. His picture should be on every book, magazine, newspaper, letter, memo, email, ebook, billboard and road sign. All this and more.

Your post is excellent and in keeping with the new "Richard Armitage Should Be In Everything" law.
Robby said…
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Robby said…
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Shucks - we've missed you too!
LOVE this post. And you. And Richard Armitage. And reading about Jellicoe Road makes me want to read the book all over again!
Nicole said…
New motto: "When in doubt, Richard Armitage. When not in doubt, still choose Richard Armitage."
Richard Armitage is absolute manly sex beast perfection. What more needs to be said? ;) Am watching him in North and South as I write this and mmm ... creamworthy hehehe
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