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Scotland The Brave

So, tomorrow is Burns Night during which Scotland as a collective whole eats haggis and quotes poetry in honour of our national Bard.

Over the last year or so, I've been lucky enough to get to know Jeri Smith-Ready, American author of the Shade series featuring a delightful young Scot, Zachary Moore.  Shine, the last in this fabulous trilogy is coming out later this year and Jeri has chosen to run a day of Burns Festivities to celebrate all things Scottish and all things Shine-y.  Fun, yes?  YES!

You can find out more about what is going on over on Jeri's blog - it's all very complicated and busy and she explains it way better than I would. Here in The Mountains of Instead you can expect:

One Edinburgh vs. Glasgow debate. I'm the Edinburgh side. This could get heated.

One giveaway in which you can win Torn (which involves Scotland) by Cat Clarke (who is Scottish)

One Burns Poem

An Ode to the Dark Chocolate Hob Nob (possibly not really)

Elsewhere, yours truly will be hosting a Twitter party in which you can ask a real Scotsman anything you want. Really. And while I am Scottish, I am not a man and so an appropriate person has been drafted in.  This will take place at 4pm EST and 9pm GMT (hark and me and my international time shenanigans). You can join in by dropping into the Tweet Chat room or using the hashtag #RealScotsman

The lovely ladies over at Ficticious Delicious are also running a Giveaway Hop in which you can win a lesser-spotted Shine ARC.  I've read it, it's great - get over there and enter NOW!  DO IT!

And that, friends, is about it for now.  Please pop by tomorrow - it's sure to be a lot of fun and you can NEVER get too much Scotland. Or too much Zachary. Fact.
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