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Hello, Ladies and Germs!

Exciting times are a-coming here in The Mountains of Instead over the next few weeks.  Firstly, there will be reviews of Melina Marchetta books!  Yes - I've read more and loved them and you must all read the reviews and then rush off to read the books too.  And then lobby her to write more FASTER. There will also be a review of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which, thankfully, has lived up to the hype and is really quite extraordinary.

Other than that there will be the following:

TeamKilt Burn's Night Festivities

The lovely Jeri Smith-Ready will be celebrating all things Scottish, including her gorgeous creation, Zachary, with a variety of fun happenings next Wednesday - which here in Scotland is Burn's Night (celebrating our national Bard, the lovely Rabbie).  You can see what's happening over on her blog and it all looks jolly Scottish and fun.  I'll be co-hosting Twitter-y things with Jeri and Cyndi Tefft (author of Between and creator of another awesome Scot, Aiden) and taking part in the Giveaway Hop where you'll be able to win a copy of Torn (set partly in Scotland) by Cat Clarke (Scottish author - see what I'm doing here?). I'll also be using it as an excuse to inflict Tae A Mouse on you all because I love it.  Hopefully, this will all whet not only your appetite for Scotland but also your appetite for Shine, the final book in Jeri's YA trilogy - I was lucky to read it a while ago and it's awesome.

This Is Not Forgiveness Blog Tour

While I have decided to generally shy away from blog tours for a while, this is one that I am absolutely delighted to be part of.  Celia Rees has stepped away from historical fiction to bring readers a stunning contemporary novel. This Is Not Forgiveness is a briliantly dark look at the plight of one soldier, his brother and a girl who lives on the sidelines. Stop by on the 31st of January for a chance to win a copy and don't forget to check out the other stops on the tour as well as the superb trailer.

And that, for now, is about it... However, I'm open to suggestions - what would YOU like to see on The Mountains of Instead?  Your wish (as long as it's clean, people) is my command.




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Looking forward to these, especially burns Night :D
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