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Burns Night Giveaway

Burns Night is now upon us but before I sit down to my haggis, neeps and tatties (seriously, it's tasty) I'm here to offer a Scottish themed giveaway both in honour of the bard himself and in support of the Team Kilt Burns Festivities.

So here, today, you can win a copy of the fabulous Torn by Scottish author Cat Clarke!  Yes, it's true!  

When Alice King heads from London to the Scottish countryside for a school trip, her biggest concern is leaving her widowed father at home alone. When her group arrive in Scotland, though, things take a turn for the problematic when Alice, her best friend Cass, emo Rae and outsider Polly are roomed with uber mean queen, Tara Chambers. As the week progresses and Tara becomes increasingly cruel, Cass and Polly decide to take matters in to their own hands. Alice finds herself immersed in a situation of which the repercussions are immense and consequences final… and so begins a  twisted tale about the line between what is right and what is easy and how even easy can be so very, very difficult.

Doesn't that sound just awesome?  To win a copy just fill in the form below (which will be open for a week). The giveaway is open to all countries that The Book Depository delivers to. You don't have to be a follower to enter, but it's always nice if you are.

Good luck! It's just become apparent that some of you are having difficulty with the giveaway form below - if that's the case then please leave a comment below and that will also count as an entry.


danya said…
Thanks very much for the chance to win, and Happy Burns Night! :)
Unknown said…
ME me em *waves hands in the air& Did I say MEEEEEEE
Unknown said…
Hi, Just come via Twitter. Happy Burns Night and a may I say a great choice of giveaway.
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