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A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Welcome to

That's right, after a bit of consideration, I've decided to become a rather than a blogspot! To be honest, is a bit of a mouthful and I wanted it all to be a bit sleeker. I also want a site that I can expand to encompass my freelance projects as well as reviewing and this seemed to be the way forward.

Blogger/Google/Feedburner/Everyone-and-their-aunt assure me that you should all be able to continue following my posts without changing anything, but I am naturally sceptical so if you experience any problems then please let me know.

Along with the new name, I've also got a dedicated email address that you can find my accessing my Blogger profile or checking out the Review Policy page (see right sidebar). While the old Mountains Of Instead Gmail account will continue to be checked for the next few weeks, please contact me on the new address from now on. It goes without saying that I hope that you do.

Finally, if there are any other changes that you'd like to see on Mountains of Instead then get in touch - onwards and upwards, people... onwards and upwards.

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