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Announcing... the new incarnation of UK Book Tours

As some of you will be aware, UK Book Tours, as was, is no longer. The fabulous Lynsey worked tirelessly to create a UK focused book tour site and while, sadly, she is unable to continue to run what is an extremely admin. heavy project, a few of us have happily taken over.

Yep, myself Carly (of Writing From The Tub) and Emma (from Bookangel Utopia) are the proud custodians of an all new UKBT.  We have a new blog address, have given it a smart lick of paint and are due to launch on Monday 11th July. In fact, next week there will be three tours announced to set the UKBT ship a-sailing (sorry, but I've got to justify the ship logo somehow and if that means using pirate-isms at all points then yo bloody ho). So, shiver your timbers and pop over there, make sure you're following us, check out the information section and be ready to sign up when our first tour is announced on Monday!

Following our initial launch there will be a book tour each week as well as other interesting bits and bobs going on - keep your eyes especially well peeled for our quarterly prize draws, you never know what might be on offer.

So until Monday, clamber up the UKBT rigging and keep yer main sails braced - books are just waiting to sail their way to you.


Can I just tell you how awesome you are <3
I still havent written my post - I am such a slow coach lol
SusanKMann said…
ooh exciting. x
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