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Help Me Today and I'll Love You FOREVER... Volunteers Required

I’m launching a new blog! Recently, there has been a distinct trend in YA fiction towards series of books – every second title seems to be the first in a series and, while this is often welcome, there is usually a gap of a year between titles. Now, perhaps I am old and my memory is ailing, but I often find myself struggling to remember the details of previous plots/characters/mythology/world-building/twisty-turniness… Such is the standard of writing on the YA shelves that there is often much to remember and I, for one, rarely have the time (nor always the inclination) to re-read a title before moving on to the next.

In my laziness, I’ve often wished there was some handy site that I could turn to that would give me a basic breakdown of the story so far, preferably in an enjoyable/funny/snarky manner. If there is such a site, then I’ve been unable to find it (please point me in the direction of any you know) and so I’ve decided to create on. This idea has been met with huge enthusiasm, particularly from my teenage audience (I know, actual…whisper it… young adults – hark at me pandering to the yoof demographic) and I’m keen to get going.

However, there are many, many, many series out there – both ongoing and complete – and for me to sit down and re-cap all of them would be a massive job. Therefore, I’m asking you, dear readers and fellow bloggers, for your assistance. I’m looking for a core group of about 10 initial contributors to help me get going on this project. Is there a series you particularly love (or hate, I’m not fussy) and would like to re-cap? Then let me know. Once I know who is interested, we can discuss tone and I can give you a basic template. Your help would be repaid in, er, mad props from me.

Additionally, I’m also looking for a clever title for said site. Whoever comes up with it gets a prize. Seriously.

So, be it mad props or dubious prizes you’re interested in please contact me either through Facebook (Mountains of Instead), Twitter (@splendibird) or right her on The Mountains of Instead and we can take it from there.

Bisous et ecouter (and yes, I know my French is pigeon at best)



Unknown said…
I cannot believe I am doing this but I can do Lauren Kate Fallen series and probably Melissa de la Cruz Blue Bloods as I have read all of them :D
Are you including trilogies?
Anonymous said…
What about calling the blog "The Long and Short of It: your digest-guide to the world of YA."

I'd love to help out. Maybe you could set it out in a specific format? Like...

The skinny: [synopsis in a sentence]
What you can expect: [main plot elements]
If you like this, you'll like...: [what kind of readers read this]
Then the synopsis?

That's what I'd look for, I think, if I were to use that kind of site.
icklepeach said…
I'd be up for joining in - I haven't read a lot of Yoof Fiction though so might need a chance to get up to speed - what a great excuse :)

And how about Recaps Lock?
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