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In Celebration of MOI's Joyeux Anniversaire - a giveaway! (Yep, I'm running with the French thing. What?).

As promised, I've decided to run a giveaway for my one year blogoversary.  I will be giving away any book that I've read since starting this blog.  You can find lists of these books (along with links to reviews) on my Books of 2010 and Books of 2011 pages.  There's a lot of them - you have plenty of choice.  I'm not going to try and influence you in any way.  I mean, your life will be much improved by reading, say, The Knife Of Never Letting Go. Or Jellicoe Road. Or The Sky Is Everywhere.  Or Divergent. But, you know - it's up to you. Forget I said anything.

This give away is open to anyone resident in a country that The Book Depository delivers to and there will be two (yes TWO) lucky winners.

The first winner will be chosen at random (by a cat, small child or me after too much wine) from all those who fill in the form below.  Go - fill in!

The second winner will, however, have to work for their supper (supper in this case meaning, er, book).  Most of you, I'm sure, are aware of the existence of The Very Secret Diaries by a certain Cassandra Clare, yes?  If not, read them now.  They are exceptionally funny.  In order to be automatically awarded five additional entries, I'd like you to pick any character you wish, from the YA book of your choice and write them their very own Very Secret Diary.  It doesn't have to be long - but it does have to be funny.  While any who attempt this will get the extra entries, the person who makes me laugh the most will also win a book of their choice from the aforementioned lists. If you make me laugh so hard I cry, I might even chuck in something extra.

So there you have it, a straight-forward giveaway for those who wish it and a challenge for those who are up to it!  I await your response with interest.


Donna (Bites) said…
Happy Blogoversary! :)
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