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All Things Scottish (especially Zachary) - Guest Post by Jeri Smith-Ready plus EXTREMELY Exciting International Give Away

Following the success of last year's Shade and on the run up to the release of follow up Shift, I am delighted to welcome author Jeri Smith-Ready as a guest here at The Mountains of Instead. I heart Jeri. She's fun, generous with her readers and writes excellent stories (she also put my name in an actual printed book, which helps). Best of all she adores Scotland.  Scotland, for those of you who don't already know, is the home of The Mountains of Instead and I therefore may be slightly biased, so I'll hand you over to Jeri so that she can explain herself why Scotland is a home worthy of the swoonsome Zachary:

Almost every place I visit ends up creeping into my novels eventually. Scotland, along with Greece and British Columbia, is one of my favorite places in the world, so it’s no surprise it’s become a part of the world of SHADE. I went there for a week during my semester abroad in London twenty years ago, and fell insanely in love—with the landscape, the people, and the food.

Okay, not so much the food.

The world of fiction is chockablock with Scottish heroes, mostly rugged Highlanders in historical romance settings, often clan chiefs with a foreboding castle and a penchant for strong drink.  These books sell well here in the States, because many American women have what we call a “thing” for Scotsmen.

(I’m told it doesn’t go the other way—American men aren’t particularly done in by a female Scottish accent. This bewilders me, especially considering my theory on why the accent is so attractive, a theory that I can’t really discuss on a YA blog without blushing.)

But I don’t write historical romances—I write paranormal YA. Which does lend itself to the cute, mysterious “New Boy in Town.”

Enter sixteen-year-old Zachary Moore. Not a Highlander, not chief of anything. Not much of a drinker. And he’s fresh out of castles at the moment.

He does, however, have the accent.

From SHADE’s second chapter, when Aura and Zachary first meet:

Excuse me, [he said.] Are you really Aura?”

I didn’t notice the “really,” because my ears had heated at the sound of my name spoken that way, his tongue curled around the R like it was a piece of candy.

What?” I said, eloquently.

Aura,” he repeated, pronouncing it Ooora (again with tongue curl). “That’s you, aye?” You like a female sheep. Wow, it’s true what they say about Scottish accents.

Um. Yeah, I’m—” I couldn’t speak my name without sounding lame and American.

I decided (for, I don’t know, bonus challenge character points or something) to make Zachary from Glasgow, though I knew it was a more difficult dialect to write. (I think someone on Twitter said, “Just don’t make him from Glasgow—that would be really tough.” Me: “Okay, I’ll make him from Glasgow.”)

I balanced his distinct regionalism by having his family move about quite a bit in the last several years, throughout the British Isles and…”other places” (I did say he was mysterious). Plus, Zachary tries his best to blend in while living in the United States. It’s not until Aura hears him arguing with his father (also a native Glaswegian) that she realizes how much Zachary moderates his accent around Americans. To her ears, it barely sounds like English.

Not wanting to fall into stereotypes, I purposely didn’t do a great deal of research into the “typical” Scottish temperament before writing SHADE. Yet I instinctively drew Zachary as fiercely proud, occasionally stubborn (okay, not occasionally), and deeply caring—traits which I later learned to fit the national character pretty well. Also, he’s punctual(Really, I was just painting the typical Capricorn—not that I believe in astrology, but sometimes it helps form a basic template).

Want to hear an incredible writing story? Zachary’s main distinguishing character trait, particularly in SHADE, is his patience. After all, he’s falling in love with a girl whose boyfriend died and became a ghost. Zach can’t afford to rush things. He’s forced to wait month after month for Aura to come round and realize what they could have together. So imagine my surprise when I discovered while writing SHIFT (Book 2) that the Moore/Muir family motto is Durum Patentia Frango, which is Latin for “Through patience I overcome difficulties.”

The serendipity knocked me over! I’d originally chosen the name Moore not for its motto, but because
a) it sounded good with the name Zachary
b) I wanted to avoid a “Mac” surname because I already have a McAllister main character in my vampire series
c) Maybe, just maybe, I wanted to evoke James Bond actor Roger Moore. (Not that I see him playing Zachary’s secret agent father Ian Moore—I’ve always pictured no one in that role but Craig Ferguson.)
Speaking of the Moore/Muir clan, in SHIFT we finally get to see Zachary in a kilt, the colors of the family tartan.  He shows it off to a group of classmates at the Prom:

Zach's Tartan
The green is for the forests of the Highlands where my clan comes from.” Zachary pointed to the kilt’s vertical threads. “The yellow line is for the sun that shines once every three weeks.”
So what’s the blue?” asked Rachel Howard.

The blue is for the water. In Irish Gaelic, Moore and Muir mean ‘sea.’” He cocked his head. “But in Scottish Gaelic, it just means ‘big.’”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he made that all up. Scotsmen have been known to have a little harmless fun with American gullibility. Not that I speak from experience.

When my husband and I first started dating, almost (yikes!) 19 years ago, I promised I would one day take him to Scotland (he’s a MacLeod on his grandmother’s side). Last week, I finally made good on that promise. We went to Glasgow to do research for the third book in the SHADE trilogy, SHINE, part of which takes place in that fair city.

I fell in love all over again, with the architecture, the people—and this time, yes, even the food! Glasgow was a feast for all five senses, and I’m still suffering from withdrawal. Luckily, we brought home lots of snack foods, like Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and Caramel Wafers, and Walker’s Highland Shortbread. It’s just not the same, though.

To lessen the pain of separation (or maybe to wallow in it), I like to look at my trip photos. Here are two of my favorites.

The first shows University of Glasgow beyond the Kelvin River, in the city’s West End, where we stayed during our trip (half a block from the delicious and gorgeous Òran Mór bar and cafe).

My Facebook friend Fraser, a native of Glasgow, took us to see the statue of the Duke of Wellington, who routinely wears a traffic cone on his head (not by design, but by local tradition of mischief, which sounds like something that would happen here in Baltimore). The duke wasn’t wearing the cone, but we found something even better: a Glaswegian unicorn!

We will go back soon. I know I said that about Vancouver seventeen years ago, but this time, I mean it. Scotland is lodged deeper in my heart than ever. One of these days, it might not let me go at all.

Thanks, Jeri, for such an entertaining and interesting post!  And now over to you lot because Jeri has questions she'd love some answers to:

If you’ve read Shade and/or Shift, what do you think of Zachary? Is he too perfect, or just perfect enough? If you haven’t read Shade, what are some of your favourite foreign settings or characters? Do you enjoy reading about places you've visited? Has a book ever made you decide to visit a new place?

Answer one or more of these questions, or ask Jeri a question, in the comments below to enter today’s give away. There will be two winners.

The Prizes:

1) a signed copy of Shift, plus a wee notebook with the Moore/Muir crest and “Spirit of Alba” tartan, courtesy of Jeri.

2) an unsigned copy of Shift, courtesy of Jeri’s publisher.

Additionally all commenters will be entered into a draw to win the Grand Prize - annotated copies of Shade and Shift, an early copy of Shine (book three of the series, of which there will be no other ARCS) and an Ipod Shuffle!

Open to international entries but comments will close after 24 hours - so get commenting!


OMG Squee squee and squue
I have Shade on my TBR pile so cannot comment on Zachary
But having recently read Die for ME the Paris descriptions really had me wanting to visit. Plus the lesser known tourist spots described in Where She Went of NYC. I could carry on.
The only time I get to travel is in my imagination and thanks to the wonderful writers out there for giving me the oppurtunity :D
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted to go to Scotland. It seems like a beautiful country and it's not that far away from me. And the accent *swoon*
Great coincidence about Zachary's family motto. I'll remember it since I definitely need to learn patience.

Great post :-)
I don't think that Zachary is too perfect..I think that he will have some issues (don't they all?) But I am rather enjoying him more and more.
jayjay said…
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Unknown said…
Seeing as I want to travel and visit pretty much everywhere(!!) books can only make me want to visit places more than I already do. (Mostly... Western Europe though, heheh)

Reading said…
Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to be entered.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com
Katie said…
I really like Zachary. He is the type of guy that I would have a huge crush on in High School.

When it comes to location, I like both places I have never been and places I have. The only problem with places I know is that if they aren't accurate, it drives me up the wall!

bigferret at email dot com
great contest and love the tartan. I love Ireland and scotland to visit

aprilmom00 at gmail dot com
I've read SHADE.

I think Zach contrasted well with with Logan, and that is his perfection. His dialect and body language exuded an easy stillness inside him, whereas Logan, even before he died was more of a twitchy fellow, excitable.

Logan provides that dark against which we can really see Zach's light.
lostnthestacks said…
My list of places to visit is completely dictated by the books I read. Of course, I would love to visit Ireland, escpecially to see the Trinity College Library.

SandyG265 said…
I've been to Scotland a couple of times and like it there. But my boss is Scottish and after dealing with him for years Scottish accents don't really do anything for me.

sgiden at
Jeri said…
Thanks for hosting me, Splendibird! Can't wait to read people's comments, and of course can't wait to come back to Scotland ASAP. :)
Vicky said…
I think he's perfect & dreamy. And I might have a book crush on him. He seemed a bit too perfect at first, but by the end of Shade I genuinely liked him. Thanks for the giveaway!

vicky216n at hotmail dot com
cegluna said…
I do love Logan, but Zachary is absolutely my favorite. Canna resist the accent ;)

ArtemisG said…
I've not read SHADE. But this series sounds amazing! I enjoy reading about places i've visited and I always a book make me to want to visit the places where mention in the book.
Thanks for the giveaway.

artgiote at gmail dot com
Alexis Salcido said…
I think Zach is just perfect enough for Aura and I've been Team Zach since the first book, shade. I also really like Logan and if he wasn't a ghost, then I would be at odds over who aura should choose. I think Jeri is an amazing author and person and reading this post about her inspiration for the book just made me think even more highly of her. I would love to win Shift!
Unknown said…
I fell in love with Zach in Shade, but Shift made him irresistable--especially in a kilt! I loved his humor and patience. Kudos to him for putting up with Aura! Can't wait to see how things play out in Shine.
Tina said…
I love reading about places I've visited, or places I've yet to visit. From everything I've read about Egypt, Prague and Turkey, I'm dying to go. I've read books that take place in areas of Italy, Spain and France and it was great to relive vacations I took there by walking the streets with the characters.

melodiousrevelry (at) gmail (dot) com
Aydrea said…
I definitely like Zachary more than Logan (though I do like Logan). I don't think Zachary is too perfect, maybe in the beginning of Shade, but not so much by the end. He genuinely cares for Aura & he seems like a great guy. Zach seems like the guy I would go for over Logan. Plus the accent, lol :)

I have never been to Scotland, but it sounds/looks like a great place to visit! I do love reading about foreign places though.

Thanks for the giveaway!
Lisa B. said…
Great post, Jeri! I really like Zachary, in fact I trust that he and Aura will end up together (eventually) and I'm good with that, but Logan, to me, is more my cup of tea. But both boys are great. I was wary of Zachary at first, but have come to like him.

Also, great pictures. I love traveling and almost always try to pull something out of the places I visit to put into books or stories. Internet research and pictures in books are great, but there's nothing like visiting a place and getting the vibe and layout.

angel28140 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Anonymous said…
I love Scots! I love their accents (even though I heve to tell them to repeat everything twice to understand what they are saying...!). I don't think I've read any books that feature Scotland, to be honest... Another destination I'd love to see in a book is Ireland... They both give me the feeling that they've come right out of a fairy tale!

Jeri, I'm so glad you put down Greece as one of your favourite places!! I live in a small city on the island of Crete! Hope you manage to visit Greece again sometime in the future!

Thanks for the giveaway! Shift (and Shade, which I have not read but must!) sound really good!

Anonymous said…
I love reading about new places because it makes me want to travel so bad. (Also the accents don’t hurt either.)
But I’d be interested to hear where Jeri would also want to visit and be inspired to write about.
Teril said…
Zachary is amazing. I think he has all of the right stuff. He is not too perfect but just himself. I loved Shade. It was amazing. Shift, drool, is so soon!

terilhack at yahoo dot com
Kaya Hack said…
I have read Shade and loved it. Zachary was a great character. He was good and had a flaw or two. I cannot wait to see what happens in Shift!
Logan was a great character also. He had an unfinished feel to him, so I hope Shift gives him some more strength for me.
OH I cannot wait for Shift! Thank you.

kasuranna at yahoo dot com
Patricia M said…
Ahh, Zachary :D I love his accent. I love his demeanor...he's awesome.

patriciamendoza AT gmail DOT com
Cynthia Garcia said…
Zachary is my fav. He would be the guy I would go for if I were not married. lol I love reading books of places that I have visited. Mostly Europe.

Thank you!
Riva said…
I think Zachary is a great character, but I do think he's maybe a little TOO patient for a teen-ager. I sure don't remember being that patient at his age! :-)

dulcibelle (at) earthlink (dot) net
Jena said…
Love the pictures!! And I am TOTALLY Team Logan, but I must say my favorite scene in Shift has to do with Zachary, so Jeri is killin me here!! (Still Team Logan) But Zachary's patience and hottness is def a plus :)


Thank youu!! :)
I love to read books that take place in loads of different settings. I dont travel much with 4 small kids but I would love to go to Italy. Its always described so beautifully in books. Thanks for the awesome contest.
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted to got to Scotland, maybe some day I'll will, but for now I'd love to win the notebook it's freaking awesome! :)

ereader89 said…
I haven't read Shade yet but plan on it soon. I do love reading books about places that i've visited or lived. Like Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series is set in Texas and thats where I'm from so I love that setting.

Thanks for the giveaway!

elainareads AT aol DOT com
Unknown said…
I think Zachary is just perfect enough to keep Aura on her toes and in limbo.. ;) the accent doesn't hurt either :)

I Do love to read about places Ive visited as well as places I haven't. Descriptions in books about places I haven't been to do very much so tend to lean me toward wishing to visit them as well. If nothing else, they are a wonderful way to escape to another place if only for a little while.. who doesn't love that?

thank you Jeri!! Can't wait to get my hands on Shift next month!! :)
Debbie in NY
Kasey said…
Jeri, your writing and characters are so strong and difficult not to love! Thank you for the pictures of your trip and giving your adoring readers some background to Zachary's development (I can't wait to hear all about Prom)! His patience and love, along with that fierce Scottish temperment meld into one heck-of-a heart-throb. He is balanced and controlled, and there is not one thing I would change about him! Can't wait to read Shift =)
kchilyard at yahoo dot com
Sara said…
I haven't read Shade yet, but it is in my TBR pile =)

I love reading about places I have visited, and I think it would be so cool reading a book set in my home city!

I haven't read 'Shade'as yet but really want to.I love reading about both places I have visited and places I've never experienced,there's excitement in the familiar and the foreign for me.I especially love reading books set in famous cities.I'd love to be entered into your giveaway,my email is: shewantstoplayhearts(at)
Sweet would love to enter the giveaway. All of ur books rock and my daughter is in love with Logan.

Anonymous said…
i loved every single on of the WVMP books and Shade blew my outta the was a WOW book for me. loved it!
SpadesHighReads said…
My favorite foreign setting in anywhere remote really. What can be more foreign than a place where there isn't that many people living there, let alone know that such a place exist. Is it even on the map? I haven't been to too many places, but that's why I love reading nurmerous novels to take me to different destinations I can't go in real life. CHEAPER TOO! Only $16.99 for a ticket, depending where you want to go and whether if you want paperback or hardcover =)
EVERY book I read makes me want to go to a new place, EXCEPT most dystopian novels. *shivers*

TValeros18 [at] gmail [dot] com
Amy said…
Ok, I love the Scottish unicorn photo!

I definitely don't think Zachary is too perfect. Just perfect enough . . . perhaps. I have to admit that it's been a while since I read it (ummm, did I finish it on the day it was released, or the following day?) but I definitely don't remember having the sense of unrealistic perfection in Zach. I think there was a vulnerability in their search for answers.

Did I know you've been to Greece? I don't think we ever talked about it. But I've always meant to comment on the way you wove some Greek language/ideas into the Aspect of Crow books
Pewter Wolf said…
Do you enjoy reading about places you've visited? Has a book ever made you decide to visit a new place?

What do I think of Zachary? I liked him - he might be a tad patient with Aura (who I am still trying to figure out why she fancies him [baring the accent]). But I think I would go down to the pub with him.

I was very lucky and, at the end of a trip to New York last year, I started reading the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz and went all hyper when I first saw mention of Central Park as I was there the day before!
IandSsmom said…
I haven't read this book but I love books set in Ireland! I've read a bunch set there and they are usually really good!! Never been there but I wouldn't mind going!!
I haven't read Shade =( but I love to read books about places that I've never visited or lived, love to read about the beautiful cities and places that I'd be enchanted to go.
Thanks for the change to win!

email: desapd (at) gmail (.) com

Unknown said…
Jeri- You and I are kindred spirits! My YA paranormal novel comes out June 1, and the male lead is a Scot. It is indeed, lodged in my heart (as you say). I took a trip last year to see the castle he's from and it was such a momentous moment. *heart thudding just thinking about it*

Good luck with your novels. They sound fabulous!

Cyndi Tefft
Vivien said…
I do think Zach may be a little perfect. But we all need one of those guys in our lives. He's a great balance for Aura. I don't think he's too perfect at all.
I love reading about the Irish countryside. It's just so beautiful and descriptive.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com
Sarah said…
I really loved Shade and can't wait to get my hands on Shift! Zach is definitley the kind of guy I would have had a crush on at school, you've got to love a bit of mystery and I've always had a thing for accents!

I've always wanted to visit Scotland so hopefully I'll get there one day :o)

Thanks for hosting the giveaway
sarahsreviews at ymail dot com
I absolutely adore Zachary... so he's obviously hot stuff (looks, accent), but I love how caring and patient he is. And I definitely don't think he's perfect, but he's generally a good guy. Most of all he really, truly cares about Aura and wants what's best for her.

I do love foreign settings in books, especially European ones. Maureen Johnson's 'Envelope' books are perfect examples of ones that make me want to travel all over Europe even more than before. And of course Stephanie Perkins' 'Anna and the French Kiss' made the city of Paris almost like a character in the novel, and it made me want to visit.
Jeri said…
Wow, so many great comments! I wish I could answer them all.

Katie: Zachary is the kind of guy I would've had a crush on in high school, too--and who would probably never have looked at me twice. That's what's great about fiction, I guess.

Carrie, that's interesting that you cite Logan as the dark against which we see Z's light. I always think of them as the other way around, because Zachary is more mysterious and Logan is sort of all "out there" for everyone to see. And, uh, he glows. (I'm superficial.)

Phanee, I would love to visit Greece again! I've only been to Athens and Rhodes, but would love to explore more of the islands.

lenispeleni: Well, after reading THE HISTORIAN I desperately wanted to visit Eastern Europe. As for where I would love to set a book, a place I haven't been, hmm...probably New Zealand. OK, actually, I just want an excuse to go to NZ, LOL! But I would also love to read a book set there so I could feel like I was there, and to learn more.

Kaya Hack: I think you'll like the direction Logan takes in SHIFT. He grows up a lot...eventually. ;)

Riva: Good point! I wonder sometimes if Zach comes off as a real teenager as much as the other characters. I think he does so more in SHIFT (ironically, I think as Logan grows up in that book, Zachary sort of...grows down? Becomes more of a guy, if you know what I mean).

Jena: From Twitter I know which scene you're talking about. Hee.

Nat: We hope to go to Italy, too--I was there that same year I went to Scotland, but it rained almost the entire time. :( And it would be nice to go to Italy on more than $26/day. ;-)

Kasey: Thank you so much! I admit, I felt like I know Zachary a lot better now than I did two weeks ago, after going to his hometown.

I'll pop back in later to answer more comments and any questions. See ya!
Syki said…
Thank you very much for this post! And thank you for this giveaway :)

April X said…
Hehe I love Zachary :) lol well I love Logan AND Zachary and unfortunately can't choose between them. I don't think Zachary is perfect, just maybe his flaws aren't that obvious. Can't wait to read about him in a kilt lol :)
Tynga said…
I think there is more the Zachary than what meets the eye. I'm sure he will surprise us, and maybe not in a good way *raises eyebrow*

Thank you so much for the giveaway <3 I'm looking forward to Shift!

buddyt said…
Haven't read either of the books so can't comment on that.

As to whether a book has ever caused me to visit a place no but magazine articles have.

Books tend to make me want to visit different eras such as the Regency, the Renaissence, georgian times etc.

Thanks for the giveaway and for opening it to worldwide entries.

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com
ahh!! i love this giveaway!!


americangirlie1991 AT yahoo DOT com
Splendibird said…
Holy WOW there've been a lot of comments! It's really interesting reading what everyone has to say about Zachary. I'm Scottish and attended high school in, er, Scotland and I have to say that while Zachary-types weren't the norm, they did absolutely exist. I noticed guys like him become more aparent when I first went on to university at 17 but there were definitely a few about before. Jeri's personification of him as stubborn, patient and loyal isn't far off the general core values for most Scottish guys, I think. Also, in Shift, you see a side of Z that's a lot more real, I think. He's not so perfect all the time... For me, it was always American guys that held the romantic mystery. As for a place, it's got to be Paris. I've been, but Anna and The French Kiss made me want to go many more times in order to meet my own St. Clare.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for Shift and Shine:)

I love Zachary, not only because of the accent (even though I DO love accents) but because he's (as mentioned) really patient. He doesn't push Aura, but lets her see herself.

Because of Shade, I probably DO want to go to Scotland. (And drool over some accents)
Jeri said…
Cyndi, that's amazing! Best of luck with your new book. I know what you mean about walking in your characters' footsteps. It made me giddy, even though I knew some scenes would be harrowing, to say the least.

Ashley, I've been dying to check out Anna and the French Kiss for a while now. I'll have to look up Maureen Johnson's books, too.

April X, I can't decide between Logan and Zachary, either. My favorite is whoever's scene I just wrote. What can I say, I'm fickle!

Tynga, you are very perceptive.

Splendibird, I can guarantee there are many American women who would be happy to trade a few of our guys for a few of yours. (Not me, personally, I lucked out, but then again, he is 1/4 Scottish. :-D
Mysteriousrose said…
Great post, it was very interesting to read.

Zachary is as I see it just perfect enough:-)

Thank you for this giveaway.
Judit said…
Good you are asking about the foreign places!
I'm reading Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series right now and I just found out today, that I actually visited one of the Scotish castles mentioned in the books - Dunnottar. Now I can close my eyes and imagine the sea view from the castle. Amazing. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I love reading books about it.

Thank you for the giveaway!

judittten at gmail dot com
Elyona said…
Thanks for this giveaway! XD

Briana said…
Haven't read Shade yet, but I will soon! :D

And I love anything set in Europe (I'm kind of obsessed with it, tbh). Also, every book set in Europe that I've read, I've seemed to have enjoyed, which is awesome.

Kulsuma said…
I would love to vizit all the made up places I read about like... Hogwarts!

I always wonder if places are like how they are described in books. For example, are American high schools really big on 'cliques'? Luckily, I got to ask an American exchange student and she quickly told me it wasn't really like that. I would love to travel!

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
Krystal Larson said…
I once read a book about Mammoth Cave, an adventure where a girl sleuth was following criminals and they all ended up lost. I told my father Mammoth Cave sounded really cool, my whole family went to the Mammoth Cave and we were all suitably impressed. I'm reading a book right now about Hong Kong and I want to visit-that's super expensive though! Thank you for this giveaway, I've been dying to read this book (can't get it from the library).
Jamie H. said…
I like Zachary! I find that he is mysterious and he doesn't push Aura into anything. He is there for her when she needs it. Maybe it will grow to something more than friendship.

I really hope she ends up with Zachary! Logan seems like a great male character, but he doesn't have those alluring qualities as Zachary does. I am sure Zachary has his little secrets, but I still think Aura should be with him.

Jamie H. said…
I like Zachary! I like how he is there for Aura! He doesn't push her into anything. He wants to help and protect her.

I really hope Aura ends up with Zachary! Logan is a nice male character in the stoy, but he lacks the qualities Zachary has. I am sure Zachary is going to have his secrets, but I still think Aura should be with Zachary.

aloveforbooks said…
Thanks for an international giveaway! Please count me in!

eadd: aloveforbooks at gmail dot com
Llehn said…
I'd love to ask Jeri what her writing mantra is in 15 words or less.


Brooke said…
*pops in*

i decided i need to comment on every tour post! I'll be everywhere...kinda like a ninja!

on that note: HUZzaH! (love that word thanks to our lovely host for today!) anyway, HUzZah, Zachary grows down & becomes more of a guy...aka- doesn't use all of his brain! So he is going to do something stupid?! Finally! HE was just TOO perfect with his sexy accent & all his patience & such!

p.s. Does anyone else think Jeri should work for a travel agency?LOL this post makes me want to go to Glasgow so bad! She's good at promoting! :P
Darlyn said…
Wow..That is a cool post. I have not read Shade yet but either I win or not, I'll get a copy. The best scenery setting would probably be Barcelona and anywhere in Spain, and I love anything Spanish, even my favorite football club; Barcelona FC!A tropical country would be cool too, like Borneo Island.But Spain would be the best, and the language is so sexy.But I guess a guy in a kilt to be sexy too. *wink*

darlyn225 at gmail dot com
Megan said…
I've read both books and I have to say, Zachary is awesome but NOT perfect. In fact, he does more than one thing in Shift that totally ticked me off (but I soon forgave him due to his sweetness and amazing accent). Zach is perfect for Aura in Shade though, because he is patient and super understanding while she goes through a really insane situation. Not every boy would have stuck by her. If Shift we get to know him better and even though we learn that he is not perfect, we do see just how wonderful he is. I am still Team Zachary after Shift.

Megan @ Amethyst Daydreams
AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com
donnas said…
I really like Zachary. I think hes a pretty good character. But I feel theres a lot still to be learned about him.

I love reading about places Ive been. Its so much fun to picture the actual place as you read the story. Ive read about quite a few places I would love to visit but havent had the chance yet.

bacchus76 at myself dot com
Sharli said…
I think Zach is just perfect enough! I loved reading and hearing his accent in my head :P
Lots of books make me want to visit different places. I just read Darkness Becomes Her and I'd love to see for my self all the great architecture in New Orleans.

Thanks for the giveaway!
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jenniferstrand said…
OK, now that I've recovered from the image of Zachary in a kilt *fans self*...

Zachary is perfect in so many ways. I think one of the things that turns me on to him the most is his patience, as Jeri commented on. He respectfully gives Aura the space she needs throughout the storyline of SHADE with no pressure. That is a remarkable trait!

And, let's just face it. That Scottish accent is completely irresistable.
Ahhh.. I commented yesterday and I don't think it went through :( It was a massive comment too.

I adore Scotland. Despite our nowhere-twice rule, I've taken my holidays in Scotland (same place!) twice. The first being N and my honeymoon :) So I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Scotland.

Also, I adore Zachary. I think he's perfect and I absolutely love him in Shade! I'm dying to read Shade and get back to things.

Also, I love reading both books that about places I've already been (especially 'home' which is Oregon) but I also love when books take me new places as well. Especially Japan. Or India. Or anywhere I've not been, which is just about everywhere!

Thank you for such a fabulous guest post! and for such an exciting giveaway!
jayjay said…
Has a book ever made you decide to visit a new place?

Yes totally! When I read a book I really like to imagine myself in their place, I recently read a book that is set on Paris. I really liked it!
Serene said…
Hope I am not too late. Thanks for the great giveaway!

my email add is serenekua AT gmail DOT com
iffath said…
I ADORE Zachary! He is so, so perfect and totally awesome in Shade! Can't wait for more of him in Shift!!

Thanks for the fabulous post Jeri and Sya, and the awesome giveaway!!
Patricia M said…
I would love to travel one day and these places sound wonderful. Team Zachary♥ I love Logan, too.

Awesome giveaway:)
Unknown said…
Such a great prize! A signed copy? *-* wow. Thanks for the chance! (international!!!!!!)
Oh... hot men and kilts... not to mention, ACCENTS! (blushes). What's wrong with american men? LOL

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