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IMM (#29/20/31)

In My Mailbox is a meme created and hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren with inspiration from Alea at Pop Culture JunkieAll book titles link to further info at Goodreads
All books in this IMM post have been received for review/bought/gifted/loaned/UK Book Toured/NetGalley-ed/acquired through nefarious means.

Once again I've been a bit lax with the old IMM posts and this one therefore covers the last three weeks...

XVI  - Julia Karr
I've just started reading this one and it's looking good. The premise is pretty sinister and the dystopian vision interesting.

Freefall - Mindi Scott
I've wanted to read this one forever and finally got a copy for my Kindle. It looks excellent and has a male protagonist which makes a nice change.

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols
This is only the second Jennifer Echols book that I've read and I actually enjoyed it far more than Forget You.  Probably because of Johnafter. Actually, it was definitely because of Johnafter.

The Recruit - Robert Muchamore
This is the first in Muchamore's Cherub series and has been recommended to me several times.  I got it for £1 in Waterstones - bargain!  

The Iron Witch - Karen Mahoney
Another one with an interesting premise and I also had the pleasure of meeting the author recently who was rather lovely. This one should be good.

0.4 - Mike Lancaster
Another debut from a British author and a dystopia at that - despite the creepy cover I'm intrigued to see what this is like.

The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen
Last year I decided to read everything by Sarah Dessen.  This is the fourth that I've managed to get to.  I enjoyed it, particularly the two main characters although I'm finding her plotting a tad predictable.

Right Side Talking - Bonnie Rozanski
The author of this book approached me about reviewing an e-copy and while I've heard nothing about it, it looks fantastic - especially if you have an interest in behavioural neuroscience, which I do.

In The Bag - Jim Carrington
This looks like exactly the same story as films such as Millions, Shallow Grave and A Simple Plan.  I'm interested to see if the author has managed to do anything original with such a familiar premise.

Queens Of All The Earth - Hannah Sternberg
I've never read A Room With A View, but I have seen the film and this book is a reimagining of the story - I'm quite excited about it and love the cover as well as the gorgeous title.

Dancing Jax - Robin Jarvis
I'm really glad that I got an ARC of this book because I really find the cover quite disturbing.  I've already read this and am due to review it but find myself at a bit of a loss - it's really quite odd and I can't decide if I hate it or admire it.

When It Happens - Susane Colasanti
Ach, I loved this. It's hugely predictable and not much happens but it's beautifully written, the leads are adorable and it left me feeling all warm and squishy inside.  Also, it prompted me to watch Say Anything again - yay for the '80s!

Fall For Anything - Courtney Summers
I've heard nothing but good things about this book but actually know very little about it, or the author.  A friend (thanks, Kristy!) sent me this copy and I hope that I enjoy it as much as everyone else.

The Other Countess/The Queen's Lady - Eve Edwards
I was sent these for review and have started on The Other Countess but am struggling a little.  Basically, men in doublets and hose don't really do it for me.  However, the story is quite intriguing so I'm going to persevere.

Take Me There - Susane Colasanti
After reading When It Happens, I basically just wanted more warm and squishy.

...and that's it.  I was lucky enough to have a birthday in January and thanks to the lovely Louise and her Amazon voucher I probably have more books than I usually would.  I've also benefited from the generosity of friends and other bloggers so actually have plenty of warm squishiness available to me without reading any more Colasanti!  Happy reading, everyone!


john after - yep I loved that book just for him too!!

0.4 is well creepy!
iffath said…
Ooh some gorgeous books! The Iron Witch and Fall for Anything are amazing as are most of the others! Hope you enjoy! x
Ray said…
What a fab load of books! I totally agree about Johnafter in Going too Far I read that just last week and really enjoyed it. Echols' Boys Next Door books are also really fun.
I'm seriously gonna have to buy a copy of 0.4 because it sounds amazing and creepy at the same time.
Hope you have a great week! :)
Great books! I've read some Sarah Dessen books, even have a couple on my shelf I haven't read yet, so I feel like I should also decide to read them all!
Unknown said…
Fabulous book week and books are the best presents :D
I am looking forward to your review of Right Side Talking :D
Happy reading
Anonymous said…
Yay books! I haven't read a lot of these, but I really loved Fall for Anything and Forget You. Courtney Summers is one of my favorite authors, and BIG OL HIGH FIVE to Officer After. Sawoon.
OH MY GOD, Sya. What a lot of great books there :) I absolutely ADORED Going Too Far. One of my favourites. And Susane Colasanti totally puts the smile on my face, for sure. But Fall For Anything?!! 0.4! XVI! Freefall! How much would I love to borrow your bookshelves? :) Happy reading to you!
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