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IMM (#25)

In My Mailbox is a meme created and hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren with inspiration from Alea at Pop Culture JunkieAll book titles link to further info at Goodreads. All books in this IMM post have been received for review/bought/gifted/loaned/UK Book Toured/acquired through nefarious means.

Stephenie Meyer
Atom 2010 (this edition)
This was a really rather lovely surprise the other morning - not Twilight, per se, but the gorgeous, new, white cover with it's rubbery red back cover (ooh, er, missus etc). Big thanks to Veronique at Colman Getty for this treat. And curses on her head for leaving me desperately wanting the rest of the series in white too.

Paul Hoffman
Puffin 2011
This was originally released for the adult market in January of this year but is now getting a young adult release in January. I haven't read any fantasy for a while and the premise of this book looks both thrilling, original and sinister.  Looking forward to getting stuck in to something a little different.

Curtis Jobling
Puffin 2011
I've read a few werewolf books recently and quite enjoyed them so was happy to receive this title for review. I like the idea of a werewolf fantasy book (stop laughing, you know what I mean) and it sounds like it has an interesting plot. However, I will not be reading it outside the house, no way no how - have you seen that cover?? Ick on a stick.

Heather Brewer
Dutton Children's Books 2007
Recently I've been having a distinct lack of fun and wanted something light to escape into. I'd recently read the Percy Jackson books and the tone of Vlad Tod seemed similar. I have no idea if this will be any good, but at least it appears fairly harmless. And I really, really love the cover.

Lish McBride
Henry Holt and Co. 2010
I have wanted this book for months and months and months. Seriously, I first heard just the title way back at the beginning of the year and knew instantly that this was one I must it. It is the best title possibly ever. Currently I am working my way through the entire Vampire Academy series (which I agreed to do in a very short period of time, due to a moment of complete insanity) and have not been able to start this yet. However, it's been moved to the top of my TBR pile and occasionally I go over and stroke it. Mainly because cover boy is HOT.

Anna Godberson
Puffin 2011
I read The Luxe by Anna Godberson earlier in the year and didn't review it. I liked it, but didn't have anything particularly profound to say about it - it just didn't do much for me. However, Bright Young Things is set in the 1920's, a period that I greatly enjoy reading about so I'm looking forward to escaping into this one soon.

Rebecca Maizel
St. Martin's Griffin 2010
I was lucky enough to win this from Liz over at My Favourite Books. I love the beautiful cover, like the premise and it's up their with Hold Me Closer, Necromancer skipping ahead in the TBR queue. 
Jenny Downham
Definitions 2008
This was sent to me as a surprise gift from the lovely Andrew from The Emancipation of The Pewter Wolf. I haven't heard much about it but have had it on my wish list for quite a while so was delighted to receive a copy. It looks like the kind of book that you can curl up with for a good sob. Which is a good thing.

That's me for the last two weeks. I've got such a lot to read that I'm trying not to take on masses more - particularly until after I've finished and reviewed all the Vampire Academy books (four down, two to go!)...
Happy reading x


These all look like great books. I love the new Twilight covers, ooo and they have the soft velvety covers? Nice. :)
Looking forward to reading Bright Young Things..will have to pick it up soon.
Bright Young Things looks really great! I love the white cover on Twilight, very pretty! Great books this week! Happy Reading :)
Dot said…
I love the new Twilight covers, I have the books already but I may not be able to resist these!
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