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We Have A Winner (Shade Giveaway)

Normally, my giveaways (such as they have been) attract a very manageable amount  of entries - leaving me able to scribble names on bits of paper and then pick one out of a hat. However, it would appear that the lovely Jeri Smith-Ready (quite deservedly) attracts a lot of interest as my competition to win a signed copy of her YA debut, Shade attracted a whopping 415 entrants.  Clearly, I don't have a hat big enough for that many names so it is with great delight, with the much needed assistance of and the lucky number 347 that I can announce that the winner is....drum roll....

All entrants were asked where they would go if, like the ghosts in the book, they could return to a place previously visited then where would they go and why.  Andrew's answer was:

“It depends on the importance of the place in question. There are so many places that I would like to return to. One of them is the Empire State building in New York because my sister got married there and it was one of the happiest days of my life”.

Thanks to all entrants and congratulations to Andrew!

And, a special thank you to whoever suggested a random number generator instead of a giant hat.


Amelia said…
Woot! Congratulations!!

Shew! Over 400! Way to go, gal! ^_^ I think the online generator was a good call here. :)

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