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IMM (#21)

In My Mailbox is a meme created and hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren with inspiration from Alea at Pop Culture JunkieAll book titles link to further info at Goodreads.  All books featured in this IMM post have been received for review/bought/gifted/loaned/sent by UK Book Tours/acquired through other nefarious means.

Hunger and Lies
Michael Grant
Egmont 2010
I read Gone earlier this year and absolutely loved it. I initially wasn't going to review this series but have decided to do a mini review post on all three titles as it really is excellent.  
L.A. Weatherly
Usborne 2010
There are a lot of angel stories out there at the moment but the premise of this one seems to turn the usual mythology completely on its head.  Really looking forward to seeing how this new take on celestial beings pans out.

Cat Clarke
Quercus 2010
I have been reading some really fantastic things about this title and was really pleased to receive (a lovely pink) copy through the post.  The starting point of a girl waking up in a white room with no idea where she is is quite sinister and a great way to begin what looks like a very intriguing book.

Finding Sky
Joss Stirling
OUP 2010
I totally picked this up because I loved the cover - so pretty!  However, the story also looks pretty good and I like that it's a paranormal title by a British author... not something you see too often.

Perfect Chemistry
Simone Elkeles
Walker 2008
I may possibly be the last person left who has not read this. I've been meaning to get to it for ages and jumped at the chance to have a look at it when it came up on UK Book Tours (who also arranged for the copy of Angel).  I have only heard good things about this but know very little about the actual story so am excited about finally sitting down to read it.

The Haunted
Jessica Verday
Simon and Schuster Children's 2010
I read The Hollow before I started blogging and enjoyed the very original premise. I also liked the protagonist but was less sure about the, quite frankly a bit creepy, Caspian.  Curious to see where this sequel takes us.

So that's me for this week.  I'm currently completely immersed in Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution - one of the best books that I have read this year - but looking forward to getting started on this lot pretty soon.  Have a great week!


so jealous of so many of your books - i can't wait to get entangled. I just finished lies - it is awesome!
Looks like you got some fun books! Don't worry, I haven't read Perfect Chemistry either. It is currently in my TBR pile. Happy reading!

I am a new follower!
You have got awesome books this week. Don't worry, you're not the only one who hasn't read Perfect Chemistry yet. Also went out and bought a copy for me yesterday. So jealous you have Finding Sky - that one looks super awesome. Hope you enjoy them all. Looking forward to reading your reviews as always.
Lauren said…
Great selection this week. First up, I have to say that I *loved* Entangled. I haven't reviewed yet because I want to read it again first, but I loved it.

It's cool that you got The Haunted. The Hollow had a lot of negative reviews but I have to say it had a real different feel to it that I adored. Caspian is pretty creepy, but I loved the protag and the perfume-making and the general atmosphere. Interested to hear what you think of the new instalment.
Awesome IMM! I really want to read Entangled! I really hope that you enjoy all of your books!

I'm a new follower!

You can check out my IMM here!
I really loved Perfect Chemistry!

Also, Entangled has such a gorgeous cover!!

Happy reading :-)
I really enjoyed The Haunted, as soon as I put it on readitswapit it didn't take long for someone to request it. I'm reading Torment by Lauren Kate at the moment (which I think I received from you via ukbooktours so thank you), so this weekend I had to read Fallen again because I've read so many books since the first time I read it that I had to refresh my memory. I must say you have quite a great collection of books there, can't wait to read what you think.
Unknown said…
How did I not comment yesterday. Ohh I know I had to hoover up artex for an hour :D
Great books. Happy reading :D
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