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Winner of The Enemy and The Dead

The lucky, lucky winner of both The Enemy and The Dead by Charlie Higson is.....drumroll....

Ashley's answer to surviving the zombie apocalypse was: 

"Probably hide out somewhere really fortified with lots of strong people who I've made believe survival is key, and that if they help me live, I'll let them rule the new world with me. 
Cuz really, this is my killer plan to take over the world and weed out the hostile population. I'd also have a cure, so if I did get attacked, I'd still be okay".  

Ashley, some might say that you have given this too much thought but can never over-plan for the zomb-pocalypse.

An email is on it's way to Ashley and I'd like, once again, to thank Jayde and Hannah and Puffin for facilitating this give away.


Ashley said…
If I do take over the world, I'll make sure you are on my 'friends' list... :) Thanks so much!!
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