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IMM (#17)

In My Mailbox is a meme created and hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren with inspiration from Alea at Pop Culture JunkieAll book titles link to further info at Goodreads.

For review
The Legacy
Gemma Malley
Bloomsbury 2010
I absolutely love the first two books in this series and was delighted to receive The Legacy to review.  I expect it to be thrilling and bleak.  I'm certainly not holding out for a happy ending.

Book Tour
Restoring Harmony
Joelle Anthony
Putnam Juvenile 2010
This one has been on my wish list forever - it just looks great and I'm really enjoying dystopia/post apocolyptic fiction right now.  Thanks to UK Book Tours for organising this copy flitting its way around the UK (and to Asamum for posting it to me).

Gifted by book fairly Astrid
The Axis of Time trilogy
John Birmingham
Penguin 2006
Astrid is my close friend and daughter's Godmother who visits us yearly from Vietnam.  This year she dutifully trawled through several YA titles that I recommended (which is this case means forced upon) and in return ordered me this trilogy.  The books are adult and set in the second world war (sort of) so are way outside my comfort zone - but they look ace so I'm excited about getting into them.

Without Warning
John Birmingham
Del Ray Books 2010 (reprint)
The basic premise for this title is that the majority of America has been covered with a vast and destructive "wave" which has destroyed everything under it leaving just a small portion of the Pacific North-West uncovered.  The book looks at the implications both within America and through the rest of the world.  Great idea, huh?  And another adult book, which makes a nice change.

The Forest Of Hand And Teeth
Carrie Ryan
Gollancz 2009
I had this in hardback, but my copy seems to have gone walkabout ne'r to return.  I hadn't planned on replacing it but have just been blown away by The Dead Tossed Waves and therefore have to have the set to return to in the future.

Claire De Lune
Christine Johnston
Simon and Schuster Children's 2010
Again, this has been on my wishlist for a while and I found it going cheap on Amazon (God love you, Amazon, for your cheapness and ease of use).  Intriguing story, lovely title and gorgeous cover.  What more could I want??

And that's it. Sort of.  I just returned from holiday and there are two further packages waiting for me at the post office, so if you've sent me a book this week and I haven't mentioned it then it is probably lying in wait for me there.  I am officially back home from my many travels now and will be diligently reviewing/posting/commenting over the next few days - once I get through the scary number of entries in my Google reader....  Happy reading, everyone!


D Swizzle said…
Great haul. Forest of Hands and Teeth is like my YA god. Claire de Lune? Not so much. But maybe you'll like it better then I did...?
Lauren said…
Good to see The Legacy there - I loved the first two as well, so I'm looking forward to that one. And I also adored Restoring Harmony, it's such a sweet and different dystopia. I had mixed feelings about Claire de Lune, so I'll be really interested to hear what you think of it.
prophecygirl said…
I love the Gemma Malley series too. It's brilliant. I'm also not expecting a happy ending, but we shall see! I'm reading it this week and can't wait.

Happy reading!
E.J. Stevens said…
I have heard great things about Claire de Lune. Great mailbox! My IMM Birthday Edition is here.

From the Shadows
Ooh, I so want to read Claire de Lune - that cover is simply gorgeous! Have seen The Legacy around once or twice, but will probably have to check out the previous books before I add this to my TBR pile! As always, can't wait for your reviews!
Vicki said…
I loved The Forest Of Hands And Teeth and I'll be reading The Legacy soon...really looking forward to that one!
Ooh, interesting books there. I'm unsure of Claire de Lune, but I keep seeing it everywhere. I enjoyed Forest of Hands and Teeth and have Ryan's other book waiting for me. I'm considering signing up to the Restoring Harmony tour (but I'm already signed up for so many as it is!) and I'm intrigued by the Gemma Malley books. Just added the first one to my wishlist!
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