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After much thought and some pep talks and encouragement from readers and fellow bloggers (thank you, Lauren - you should be doing this yourself!), I have decided to register for two featured category awards during BBAW.  I am still in two minds about this but at the very least I hope that getting involved with BBAW will be a way to interact with other bloggers, both known to me and unknown!

So, the categories I have decided to register for (and the posts for consideration) are:

Best New Blog

Best Written Blog

There we have it - I hope that plenty of people register. I could certainly reel of a list of a dozen blogger whom I would happily nominate if possible.  I was initially very reluctant to register as it felt a bit forward... but, why not?  It should be plenty of fun!


Cecelia said…
So glad you're registering! I'm a newer follower, but I love coming by to see what's new on your blog. You = awesome!
Nomes said…
Oooh - good luck! I love your blog :)

Mine is new too (5 weeks old) but I really have no idea if any of my posts would be good enough... and even if I have a favourite post? might give it some thought...

Nomes said…
Oh - I definitely loved the music and hot boys post :)
Lauren said…
I'm really glad you decided to enter, and I think you're right about it being a good way to interact with other bloggers. I seem to remember a lot of BBAW-related events going on last year - the interview exchange was especially fun to read. Good luck!!!
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