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Vampire Diaries contest...

Are you Team Stefan?  Or Team Damon?  
Or Team I-think-they're-both-a-little-creepy-but-Matt's-kind-of-hot?  

Are you suffering withdrawal after the TV series thrilling finale?

If so, I may have the answer as I have the first four books in The Vampire Diaries series by L.J. Smith to give away!  It's true!  I bought them ages ago, but then was gifted a second set and it seems mean to just keep them all to myself so here we are.  The books are pretty different to the series (Elena isn't really the same kind of girl but who cares about her when the brothers are still suitably swoonsome) but are a lot of fun and should at the very least keep you going until series two commences later in the year...

How to enter...

1.  Follow this here blog and leave a fascinating/funny/helpful comment on any subject of your choice (be it feedback, a random fact about yourself or your own personal Stefan/Damon love story, I will be happy will all)

2.  Additional entries can be garnered by tweeting (+1) or linking back to this post (+1) but please tally up your total entries in the comment box otherwise I'll get terribly confused.

The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY and will remain open until MONDAY 14th JUNE at 8pm GMT. 

I know that there are probably fancy number generators and things I could use to choose the winner, but I am an old fashioned girl and will be placing your names (one per each of your entries) in a hat and making my two year old pull one out.  I may even take a picture to add to the sense of occasion.

I'm quite excited about this and should it go well, I hope to run many more contests in future.  It's all about sharing my book lurve, people


Gaby G said…
I'm a follower.

Umm...I don't think I have a personal Stefan/Damon love story. My love story is pretty simple, we were best friends until I saw him with different eyes. He was in love with me but I ignored him, hehe. We have been 6 years together :)

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Total: 4 (?)

Ella Preuss said…
Awesome contest!
I tweeted:

I loooooove Damon! He's true to his nature, unlike Stefan, and he's in love with Elena but can't have her! That is just so sad. It breaks my heart :`( lol

I could give you a list of things telling you why I love him.

Thanks, love!

ella_press AT

I've a total of 2 entries :D
J said…
Hi there!!! :))

I've never read the book with Damon yet. haha. So i guess i'll just tell a fascinating fact about myself. LOL. But really, I am just a typical student. No fascinating fact. Maybe, erm, I live here in the Philippines. Is that fascinating enough? LOL! I guess not. But surely it is bothering since if I win the book would reach this side of Earth! Haha

I tweeted:

Thanks! :)
I've got uhm, 2 entries :)

Julie! said…
Um.... I'm going for the fact... Oh!

Well... I... I am obsessed with anything teddy bear! I have so many of them in my room... and I want to put them away for my books... but I'd feel bad.. Weird, right? lol That's all I got..
debbie said…
I am a new follower. Here is a random fact about myself. I have been following the flu/pandemics as a hobby for the last 7 years.
Sharli said…
Hey! I haven't read these yet but I love the TV show. I was surprised when I found out the stories were pretty different so now I want to read the books even more. I hope the differences complement each other instead of being contradicting. That way we'd get to know more about the characters :)

Thank you for the giveaway!

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entrelibros_blog at hotmail dot com
buddyt said…
Its opposite ends of the world.

You in the frozen north of the UK and me in the sunny south of the RSA !

(Although we are going into winter so nights do get a bit chilly)

Carol T

I am a Follower

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com
Lara said…
+1 for being a follower.
I absolutely LOVE the Vampire Diaries TV show (it's the only tv show I watch!) and I've read the first book in the series, and I'm eager for the rest. They are very, very different from each other though!
I am a new follower. I don't meet this saga and I want to do it. Thanks to this contest and congratulations for your beautiful blog!
Anonymous said…
I am a new follower! =) This contest is awesome and a fact about me that connects with The Vampire Diaries is that i am Team Damon! =)
Reading said…
Thanks for the giveaway! OK here is my Vampire Diary story. I watch every week. But unfortunately it is on so early that my little boys are still up. So my little guy is in the room with me, I didn't really think he was paying attention. I never noticed the commercials on during the show. I usually get up and do something I guess. Well a lot of the comercial are for tampons. My son wanted to know what they were, they look fun! I guess I never noticed, but the depict a girl dancing, swimming bike riding, etc.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com
tetewa said…
I'm a follower and watched this show every week with a group of friends before watching Supernatural! Looking forward to both coming back.
I'm a new follower. I LOVE THE TV SERIES. The night the one episode played before it went on break, I was suppose to be working on a HUGE school project. Luckily, one of my group mates loved the show as well, so we forced the two guys to come inside and watch the show with us while we colored props for the project. About halfway through the show, we were explaining everything to one of the guys while the other guy listened intently. I think we got them hooked :)

Thanks for the contest!
barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com
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