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YA Community Thanksgiving.

Adele at Persnickety Snark wrote a great post today talking
about the many things that she's thankful for within the YA blogging
community and I really wanted to contribute something.

As you can see, I only started my blog this week, but have been a lurker on dozens of book blogs for a while.  I am a single mum of a toddler, living in the north of Scotland - far away from the big city lights I have previously been used to!  As such, I can feel quite isolated but the more I trolled through book blogs, read comments and learnt about memes, the more I felt that this was something that would connect me to an online community who truly shared my interests (try bringing up YA fiction at a mother and toddler group and you get some pretty funny looks!).

So, after much deliberation I decided to set up my own blog.  At this point can I do a massive shout-out to the awesome Carla at The Crooked Shelf who gracefully replied to my email asking for tips and was really generous with her time and advice - I probably wouldn't have started this blog without her words of encouragement and everyone should check out her reviews, as they simply rock!

Anyhoo, there I am, ready to "go live" when suddenly I see some posts on blogging etiquette and plagiarism. I have to admit that this kind of scared me - what if I stepped on someone's toes by accident, what if someone hated a reviews, what if EVERYONE hated my blog????? (I'm prone to melodrama - as you can see, I don't really make a concerted effort to fight it and instead lie awake worrying about things into the wee, small hours).  Eventually, as you can see, I decided to go for it anyway and am so glad I did.  I immediately got two lovely comments from fellow bloggers Sarah and The Book Vixen who don't know me from Adam, but who made me feel really welcome and supported.  Also, Maggie Stiefvater Tweeted at me (well, back at me, but come on - Maggie Stiefvater!!!  Excuse my fangirl moment, there...).

I am truly excited at the prospect of becoming part of this community and am glad that Adele had the idea of saying thanks, thus giving me the opportunity!


Welcome! It's great that you're starting with such a positive attitude :)
CoachMT said…
Don't worry about the plagiarism stuff... as long as your words are your own, and when they aren't you reference where you got them, you'll do just fine! Good luck with your new blog — looks like you've got a great start here!
Natalie said…
I'm so glad that you decided to participate in this, because it might have been awhile before I found your blog otherwise! First of all, welcome to the blogosphere! I always love finding new blogs (especially those who love YA, which is so near and dear to my heart)!

And I totally understand about how you felt when Maggie tweeted back at you. I've had my blog for months now and I still squeal like a little kid when an author contacts me in some way. I don't think you ever really grow out of it! Lol.
Pam Pho said…
Wow and what a pretty blog it is! There are some great mentoring programs out there if you want extra help. You already have a foot ahead by having an elegant lay out. Let me know if I can do anything to help and oh how I miss the UK.
Lauren said…
First: your blog is gorgeous!

Second: I love finding new UK bloggers. I can understand why you'd have felt a little anxious (sometimes certain aspects of blogging feel like a minefield) but it's mostly really friendly and fun. I'll look forward to reading your posts. :)
Unknown said…
♥ welcome ♥

We're glad to have you as part of our community!! You're new to me, but I'm subscribing. Love the layout! And I hope you really enjoy Beautiful Creatures, it was on my top 5 list for 2009. It makes my top 10 of all time! Good luck!!! (I tend to lurk, but I'm trying to be better)
Robby said…
I am already in love with your blog. I'm so glad you started. :]
Splendibird said…
Wow! Thanks, everyone for such warm welcomes and good advice. Wish I could reply to all comments individually and I will be visiting all of your respective blogs later today which I am really looking forward to.
Liyana said…
Welcome to the book blogosphere! *throws glitterfetti* Your blog is extremely well done. :D
Adele said…
Welcome!!! You're blog is already 1000% advanced on where mine was at this stage. You started in a week of drama but if it has taught us all anything, it is that we should definitely blog for our interests and with our own voices. Two things I don't see you having any problems with.

Thanks for taking the time to participate!
Ella Preuss said…

Fears will awalys be there (will they like/agree with me, what if I upset someone, etc, etc).
but having the courage to stand up and fight for what you believe is something I bow to.

You've gained a new follower!
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