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Thank You For The Zombies

Well, I don't know about you, but I am heartily sick of zombies.  Nah, not really - who could get ever get sick of those lumbering, hungering corpses? Not me. Having given it great consideration this week, I think that when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, I'm going to cast my lot with the guys below.  To all major contributors to Week of The Living Day, I say thank you for the music detailed, funny and disturbing musings on all things zombie.

Name: Paul
Contribution: World War Z and Haiku 2
Blog: The Life and Time of Cannonball Jones
Paul's fabulously titled blog details his day to day life as a teacher of English in Thailand.  Funny, fascinating and often moving, it is definitely one to check out.

Name: Adele
Contribution: Zombies? She's Got 'Em
Blog: Persnickety Snark
Most of you will already know Adele as her blog is hugely, and rightly, popular. Her knowledge of YA fiction is impressive and her reviews articulate and to the point. Recently Adele was the massive organisational power behind the Top 100 YA Titles.

Name: Vicki
Contribution: The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Blog: Rhiana Reads
Vicki is a fellow UK blogger and one of my favourite to read.  Her reviews are always balanced and thoughtful and we seem to have an almost identical taste in books.  Also, her blog is just super pretty and brightens up my day just with a quick peek.

Name: Donna
Contribution: Why Necrophilia Never Pays
Blog: Bites
Donna runs another amazing looking blog, and her reviews never fail to make me laugh out loud.  She pulls no punches and writes straight from the gut - something I really admire.  Her reviews are many and varied and always worth reading.

Name: Kristi
Contribution: Zombie Days
Blog: The Story Siren
I am pretty sure that you all know who Kristi is.  The Story Siren is one of the most successful blogs out there - rightly so.  Kristi runs the ever popular In My Mailbox meme and is also hosting the 2010 Debut Author Challenge.  Her reviews are concise and fun and her blog full of useful information for new and old bloggers alike.  Also, she's incredibly sweet and friendly.

Name: Joa
Contribution: Photographically Yours
Blog: Fiction and Beyond
Joa is a fairly new blogger and an incredibly interesting one.  As well as being a great photographer, she also writes some really interesting posts - stuff that I've not seen anywhere else.  At the moment on Fiction and Beyond there is a tutorial on how to get the Tessa Gray look for all you Clockwork Angel fans.

Name: Emma
Contribution: Sing, Sing a Song
Blog: Asamum Booktopia
Librarian and mum of three Emma somehow finds the time to maintain her great blog. Her reviews contain plenty of information and always give a balanced point of view. Not only this, but she is a great friend to other bloggers, sharing books and always there with a friendly comment or tweet.

Name: Justin
Contribution: Cat-Loving Rats
Blog: Swish
Justin's blog holds everything from travel tales (his work takes him to some pretty interesting places) to musings on current affairs.  Interesting and articulate, I always come away feeling that I have learned something.  It also has a link to his Flickr pics, some of which are truly beautiful.

Name: Nomes
Contribution: Art of Jason Chan
Blog: Inkcrush
Nomes is a blogger that I really enjoy reading.  Not only are her reviews a lot of fun, she also shares images of her own great artwork. Again, she puts me to shame with her regular comments and her blog is incredibly well put together.

Name: Joni
Contribution: Zombie Contingency Plan
Blog: Kitchen Witch
Joni was the first blog that I ever followed, years before I even looked at any others.  Having stumbled upon her completely by accident, I now consider her one of my best online buddies.  Her blog is about her life as a home-schooling mum of four.  Her ability to speak her mind, straight from her heart and onto the page is refreshing and heart warming.

Name: Nev
Contribution: The Modern Zombie
Blog: Nev360
While based in the UK, Nev spends much of his time travelling round the oil rigs of the world.  His blog muses on all aspects of life and his travel writing is particularly fun.  Always interesting, often educational and frequently hilarious I have yet to come across anything quite like life through Nev's eyes.  

Name: Jenny
Contribution: Review of The Twilight Saga
Blog: Forever Young Adult
Jenny is one of the contributors/founders of Forever Young Adult - a blog that has firmly placed itself in my top five.  Original, side-splittingly funny and above all aimed at the adult in young adult it is an absolute gem.  I particularly love their entirely unique rating system.  A recent stand out has to be Jenny's take on Romeo and Juliet and Vampires. Written in period style.  It has to be seen to be believed.  Geniusness on a stick, I tell you - On. A. Stick.

Thanks also to Jeff for Haiku 1 and to Lauren, Jennifer, Astrid, and Andrew who shared their ideas for Surviving The Zomb-pocalypse.  One day you may well thank them for your life....

The Week of The Living Dead has been a huge success and while everyone mentioned helped it to be so the fun factor came in no small part due to all those of you who commented, tweeted and blogged about it - you are all very fabulous and I have no doubt that you would all survive the zombie hordes.  


Unknown said…
Thank you for the lovely comment and letting me take part.
It has been so much fun, I actually want to keep the zombies for a bit longer and that is something I never thought I would say.
Well done for such a terrific zombie week
Nomes said…
hey :)

you did such an awesome job! It was a huge week.

congrats on the success of it

the story siren said…
thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this! and what a fun week it was! great guest post and reviews! thanks again!!
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